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“Be remembered” is the most obscure but strongest human needs apart from biological metabolic needs. For a long time, we built our monuments from natural resources. But after all, natural things return to the earth, like sandcastles scattered by the waves. In this endless cycle, Why do we want to be remembered and what are we going to create? What are we leaving behind?

This series envisions a few possible pictures as follows:


1. An elder and a kid build sandcastles on the beach. Sandcastles washed away by waves while they building it. Then, they built sandcastles again from the sand that had been moved to flat ground. This process is repeated. 


2. Two-person build a human-like statue collectively, in the process of collecting materials in a trust game-like manner. When the trust game reaches a breaking point, it is time to destroy the statue. The destroyed statue scattered all over the place. The two then re-collected materials to reconstruct the statue in the above action. The process will continue until the statue can't see the original outline, become unidentified or even powder.


Conceptually: After analyzing the history of man-made monuments, I discovered that people began to demolish statues when trust broke down. So here I use the game of trust as a metaphor to metaphorize people's collective trust. However, the concept is still in its infancy, and it is still trying to connect the relevance of the monument to the metal states that people want to be remembered and to think of the metaphors behind each action. Statue material indeterminate: natural material is currently envisaged.


The presentation method of this series is still a working progress. Currently, the possible expression methods include video recording + live performance or multi-channel projection. Furthermore, I even want to integrate this concept into a real social story and make a short film.

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