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A freeze of time in photography
Inspired by photo restoration performed at the Rotterdam Museum of Photography. The restorer tried to repair the slides of Ed van der Elsken from the damage by mold, which was stored in a wet warehouse. the general public regards microbe on the photo as something that must be removed, but I found this phenomenon interesting. Because these eroded traces are a living history, mold makes photos come alive from the fixed conditions.

Generally speaking, Time is frozen at the moment of a shutter clicking. Time does not vary as the environment changes with the years. I explore the method to break the frozen time on the static photo

Let the viewer's memory and feelings (feelings about where being photographed) change from static to continuous flowing memory while animate the photo in both a spiritual and environmental way.

I took a picture on site. Place the film that has been taken in the dark box where the film was been photographed. This creates an environment for mold growth. The negative film becomes food for mold, and different environmental factors affect the growth rate of the mycelium and also create different erosion patterns. 
By the corrosion of microorganisms, two kinds of time concepts (instantaneous and flowing) are concentrated and merged on the same photo.

Photography :

Yu-Ching Chiang

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