Questions in toilets

When will we speak from the bottom of our hearts? This project photographs and collects the dialogues and questions posted in the toilet cubicle for discussing what privacy and space should we have for a secret talk. 

Two naked asses, one wall.

Lust and silence.

Giggle and sob.

This photo collection can ring out two discussions. One is the allowance for intimacy. the other is to discuss what criteria can form a private space in public settings.  

In respect to what degree of secrets people can reveal, This project aims to search the specific scenario in which people speak from the bottom of their hearts, to reveal the most intimate dialogue to them in a public environment. What is it that motivates people to share their secrets? Closed compartment wall? Closed-door? Anonymity when answering questions? The anonymity of the environment (because the toilet is a public space, so your whereabouts are also secret)?

How to create the most intimate public space?
I noticed the particularity of this space by observing the questions posted in the toilet (in the toilet compartment). A neutral place where public and private coexistence. Meanwhile, a place that is extremely public but makes people express themselves deeply. while I doing the observation, I began to think about what kind of factors I needed to create the “neutral ‘space” needed for private conversations. Neutrality here means that space is relaxed and willing to articulate ideas and be public.

Photography :

Yu-Ching Chiang

Marieke De Zwart

On going project


Photo edited from"Designed by jcomp / Freepik"