Mrs. Day's twenty minutes   | 她看不見的時光 | Directed by Yu-Ching Chiang

Mrs. Day's twenty minutes | 她看不見的時光 | Directed by Yu-Ching Chiang

Mrs. Day's twenty minutes 2020 The Netherlands Holiday baking at home, occasionally chatting with friends from different cities, shopping in the nearby supermarket. Mrs. Day's daily life is no different from our lives, composed of trivial events in life. This is a real-time movie about her daily life, recording those perspectives that she can't see, but it still belongs to a fragment of her life. The movie is composed of multiple simultaneously captured footage on the same timeline. Seeing the perspective behind her, the top of her head, the third person, etc., shows the moments that exist simultaneously but is unseen to the individual. In a rapidly changing society, how do we face the present? How many things we can not control? The director utilized a multi-point real-time camera to portray Mrs. Day from the eyes of passersby and the eyes of an outsider during her time in the morning. To reflect the concept of "simultaneous present", Mrs. Day may not have thought about how many things are happening in her baking time. 她看不見的時間 假日在家烘焙,偶爾和異地的朋友視訊聊聊天,去附近的超市購物,女孩黛西的日常就和我們的生活沒什麼不同,由生活中瑣碎的事件所組成。 這是一部實時電影關於她的日常生活,紀錄她所看不到的那些角落,但卻仍舊屬於她的生活片段。電影在同一個時間軸上由多個畫面組成,看見她身後、頭頂、第三人稱等等的視角,顯示出同時存在但作為個人所看不見的視角。 在變換快速的社會環境下,我們如何面對當下?又有多少事情我們不能控制?導演透過多點實時鏡頭,從路人眼中的她,與在異地人眼中的她,描繪女孩黛西的一段上午時光。來反應“同時當下”這個概念,女孩黛西或許沒有想過在他烤蛋糕的過程中,有多少事情正在發生。 Runtime:20 minutes 56 seconds Shooting Format: Digital Credits Director/Writer | Yu-Ching Chiang Lead Cast | Anyue Deng Supporting Cast | HongKai Li / Paloma K.Franco D.O.P | Yu-Ching Chiang Cinematographer | Ying-Ting Shen / Levitt Lee Video Chat recording | HongKai Li Subtitles | Anyue Deng / Levitt Lee / Ying-Ting Shen ___________ The image has the ability to capture time. I utilize contemporary lens media to dissect and stitch the time. Use the nature of media that can interpret time, so that the sense of time is amplified, suspended, and disintegrated. In the process of searching, I repeatedly asked the definition of time. What is time itself? How do we face ourselves in every present? In my daily life, I have anxiety about the elapse of my own time. This anxiety prompts me to continue to create, trying to find the diversity and interpretation of time. 影像具有捕捉時間的能力,我利用當代鏡頭媒體來進行對時間的解剖與縫合。利用媒體可詮釋時間的特性,讓時間感被放大 暫停 崩解。在尋找的過程中,我一再的對時間的定義做提問。 時間是什麼?我們又如何面對每一個當下的自己? 在日常生活中,我對自我時間不斷流逝產生一種焦慮,這種焦慮促使我不斷創作,試圖尋找時間的多樣性與詮釋權。 ___________
A letter to her
The present- a live performative movie at Eye Filmmuseum, Amsterdam by Yu-Ching Chiang,一部關於『現在』的電影

The present- a live performative movie at Eye Filmmuseum, Amsterdam by Yu-Ching Chiang,一部關於『現在』的電影

"The Present" a real-time film that transforms live streaming footage into a live performative movie. The aim of this project is to discourse the concept of time in a film. Through the time perspective, this experimental film explores what is real and what is present. - The timing of the object to be photographed, the act of filming and storylines in a majority of movies was past tense. For instance, the story became past fragments after the shooting, post-production, and screening. I would like to dislocate the concept of time in a movie, shifting the timeline of film production and storyline into the present. In this sense, the movie here is not served as a recorder but a medium, which projects the present. - - - - Director @ericchiangchiang - - Special thanks to - @maxvalentinlehmann @lea.novi @_tingting90 @levittknockknock @muxingye_chen @thymethys ______ 首映於 Saturday, 29 February 2020 at Eye Filmmuseum, Amsterdam 荷蘭國家電影資料館 『現在』一部永遠播放的電影 這是一項結合即時直撥畫面的電影投影裝置,運用網路平台及手機直撥整合不同地點同一時間的畫面,投影出即時的電影。 這項研究再討論電影中的時間觀念。旨在研究一種瞬時電影的概念,並且提出一種違反傳統時間觀的劇院放映體驗。這部實驗電影從時間的層面探討什麼是真實,什麼是現在? 在大眾電影裡的拍攝物、攝影動作及部分題材(除了未來電影外)的發生時間皆是在過去。舉例來說,物體與事件拍攝後儲存成影片在放映,拍攝的故事成為過去的片段。在這裡試著重新排列電影中時間的觀念。在故事線及實質製作上,電影不是成為一個紀錄的載體(過去),而是一個顯示現況的媒介。這不是一個錄像裝置而是一個投影裝置?不同緯度的現在,在當下發生。-
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