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This series of works combines my archived images and improvisation of the collection of daily objects. When I was taking photos, I seemed to have the ability to freeze time. This phenomenon emphasizes that the essence of still images is to capture the moments that once existed. If the photo can capture the moment of time, can it capture a period of time? As mentioned before, when things change visually, our brains feel a sense of time. But how to make time flow in a still image? I made still lifes of objects that could tell the history and evidence of time. When you look at objects with historical traces, the flow of time becomes imagination through your observation, and time begins to flow from still photos at this moment.  For example, in 'Emotional By-Products', I collect the toilet paper used in a day and photograph them. These fragments represent the various emotions and daily activities you experience. In the process of imagination, the moment when these fragments of events occur, you piece together the time when the story happened.

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