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A movie last forever

Eye film project

A film projection installation that transforms real-time footage into a movie.

A real-time film projection with mobile live streaming in different locations.

The aim of this project is to discourse the concept of time in a film. By introducing the idea of a real-time movie, the audiences could immerse themselves in a screening experience that subverting the traditional concept of time in a film—a real-time cinematic experience.

Can a movie present now? The timing of the object to be photographed, the act of filming and storylines(except for futuristic films) in a majority of movies was past tense. For instance, the story became past fragments after the shooting, post-production, and screening. I would like to dislocate the concept of time in a movie, merging the multi-location footage into one screen in order to shift the timeline of film production and storyline into the present. In this sense, the movie here is not served as a recorder but a medium, which projects the present.  


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